That Didn’t Work

The year of the Rat didn’t exactly go to plan. Let’s face it, 2020 didn’t go to plan for anybody. My optimism for the year quickly disappeared along with everyone else but there has been some sparkling highlights.

I was determined to take on 2020, invest more in myself and create more with GlamRat. I wanted to do interviews, reviews, work festivals and just become a whole new me. Sadly Coronavirus took over the world and ground everything to a halt.

My radio show with Hard Rock Hell Radio has carried on being a success during lockdown and my listeners were steady. To be honest, doing the radio every week kept me sane but it did become difficult with not having much to talk about. Nobody was touring and not many bands were producing anything new. Life did become a bit of a drag.

Over the summer we opened back up to the world and come the autumn I began my university journey, which was such a thrill (even though it stressed me out I loved it). Come the winter months we closed back down again and only now have we started to get back to some kind of normal.

Whole Lotta Noize Poster

Let’s just say last year was a bit of a washout but 2021 has started to pick up with only four months left to go. I’ve finished my first year with a 2:1 average and I gained a new radio show with Scotland Rocks Radio which has been great. A brilliant chance to show off other genres of rock, not just AOR. My first festival is at HRH Sleaze over bank holiday weekend, I’m back at university in September and then I have a milestone birthday in November, with two weeks at a HRH festival which I’m so excited for.

2022 is looking to be a busy year and I can’t be more excited for it! This is the main reason for me getting back to this website. I want to share more with you all both with the music side and personal side. The blog will be fun and maybe sometimes thoughtful and I’ll try to keep it interesting.

Most of all I want to thank you for taking your time to support me and who knows what the future will bring!

Until next time…

Published by GlamRat

A rock n roll girl just going through life with a not so rock n roll budget or lifestyle

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