Skip a Beat 2021, Cheers!

With 2020 going wrong, I was hoping for 2021 to go a bit better, and it has… sort of.

The country was still in Lockdown limbo as the New Year crawled around, loved how many were buzzing online thinking that once Big Ben struck 12 that everything was going to evaporate. It lingered around like the mist from Silent Hill, hiding all the evils in its shadows. University classes stayed online but somehow I managed to gain high grades so I was definitely happy about that. Finally I went back to work in May and I have to say I have never been so stressed out in my life. The only good thing to come out of returning to work was A) having money again and B) I was losing weight and my clothes began to fit. Not that they didn’t fit me entirely, but it is a nice feeling to be able to do the top button and roll them over my fat arse without screaming bloody murder!

Since the world wasn’t quite ready to embrace normality again and with new variants popping up here there and everywhere, a lot of big gigs were pushed back to 2022. This move to be honest even if a bit frustrating, actually worked out better. Gave me a chance to work all this summer, spend my money on gigs and things for next year, save a little so then I don’t have to worry about working much next summer. Looking at the calendar, May 2022 is going to be banging!

It all kicks off with HRH Ibiza (aka Roadtrip) from 3rd May for about 10 days, I hope I can afford to be there the full 10 days, if not, 7 will do me just fine! I won six tickets before I started working for them and now I’ve got them spare, some are spoken for and the others I’m trying to send to good homes. I’m excited to see Skindred and the boys from Straight for the Sun. A chance to rock out in the sun is awesome with boat trips, gigs and booze. A working holiday in the sun, I’m in!

When I get back, Whitesnake is on their farewell tour and are making a stop off in Newcastle so it would be rude not to pop in and say hi! They are being supported by Foreigner and Europe but if I’m honest, I’m more excited to see Europe. Joey Tempest was one of my rock star crushes. All in all it is Whitesnake’s last call and I’m not prepared to regret that in years to come.

For the first time I am going to a festival – in a field – camping! I’ve been camping once with my mother and brother, it was ok, never quite understood why you would go and share a three person tent with two people that you can’t get along with in a three bedroomed house but whatever… people do. The festival taking my camping virginity is the fantastic Call of the Wild! I am so excited with two of my favourite bands as headliners and a load of other bands that I am sure will be awesome. How am I going to get there? I don’t know? Have I got what it takes to camp in a field for 5 days? We shall see!

June brings forth a possible vacation, followed by my own HRH AOR Festival in Manchester and my twice postponed gigs sponsored by Rammstein and Aerosmith respectively.

To sum it up, 2021 can skip a beat! It has helped me pool my money together to do all these great things next year. Bring on 2022, who knows what else is yet to come! Cheers!

Published by GlamRat

A rock n roll girl just going through life with a not so rock n roll budget or lifestyle

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