This is Who You Should Be

“Why is it ok to shun and sneer at others who try to be different? At HRH, I’ve never felt like that”

Skip a Beat 2021, Cheers!

“How am I going to get there? I don’t know? Have I got what it takes to camp in a field for 5 days? We shall see!”

That Didn’t Work

Let’s just say last year was a bit of a washout but 2021 has started to pick up with only four months left to go

Sunset Strip: The Boulevard of my Sleazy Dreams Part 1

At first I wanted to be a video girl after seeing Tawny Kitaen in Whitesnake’s video for “Here I Go Again”, damn that girl was so sexy! Flipping and splitting over those two jaguars with the smoke billowing around her with the luscious spill of backcombed auburn hair!