Beach, Booze and Bands! HRH Ibiza

I won tickets to the event before I even started working for the radio. I just couldn’t wait to be rocking out in the sun but Covid turned up in 2020. Two years later, the time had finally arrived and it was amazing!

Come Fly with Me!

The time had finally arrived for me to take that flight to the sun with a few friends and to join even more friends out there. I was beyond excited even though I did have a mini breakdown a few weeks before going. University, work and home life just wasn’t playing fair in the universe and I was sick all the time. I certainly needed this time away.

Managed to get early flights so we were in Ibiza by lunchtime and the sun was gorgeous. It wasn’t as hot as I like it to be but it was definitely warm. We were staying at the Hotel Vibra Marco Polo II and it was lovely, nice and stylish and right where we needed to be for everything. I got changed into holiday attire and went for a mooch. Georgy, Bekah and I found a gorgeous cove which made everything fall silent and just to have the waves lapping at your feet and the sun on your face was wonderful.

Getting ready to go out every night felt like a bit of a chore but the results were great. Every night listening to live music, seeing so many faces sunburnt and cheery was amazing. Monday night was karaoke at a bar called CeeCee’s and it was amazing. That was until the tequila came out. First shot, not too bad, second shot, ok that is awful, third shot, this is why I hate tequila, fourth shot, nope you’re in the toilet. I can do shots but tequila isn’t my thing. Mixing that with vodka, Disaronno, Jack Daniels and Jäger, my stomach was like mate you’re done. I was having such a good time but I knew if I carried in, I wouldn’t be able to get home, so off I stumbled on my own (very dangerous) back to my hotel. It was a hell of a night and my hangover could’ve been a lot worse than it was, I thank god it wasn’t because Tuesday was when the real party was starting.

The first night of music made me so happy beyond word with my friends Twister and The Mercury Riots taking the stage. It was a night of covers and a few originals were shot in but it was a great way to get everyone warmed up. Zachary (singer from The Mercury Riots) singing in front of me, handing the microphone to me while he went wild was awesome. Later that night we hanged out, had drinks and I got a bit cold walking from one bar to the other and like a true gent, he gave me his jacket to keep warm. Now that I’m thinking about it, I definitely owe him a drink. More shots, more singing, more clowning around, the night was just awesome!

Wednesday was a bit of a blah day. It rained and was rather windy. Felt like we had brought the north east weather to Spain with us. Had coffee and breakfast in the rain, just like being at home. Wet and cold, just like home. Stayed in my bed most of the day, just like home. I was a bit out of sorts that day but the bands were great yet again. There was a few technical issues to do with sound and the monitors and band timings which was always going to happen. I understood peoples frustrations at the line-up changing so much but sometimes things happen last minute so you just have to make do with what/who you have at your disposal. Midnite City after a glitchy start were great as always and it was lovely to catch up with them briefly, but I knew I was going to see them in a few weeks.

Thursday was an amazing day, just beyond words! I spent most of the day laid out by the pool thinking of what tracks to play that night. It was my first time DJ’ing live and I was beyond nervous. Also to be Dj-ing in Club Eden, in Ibiza just blew my mind! All my favourite bands were playing that night including one of my (many) Swedish loves, Crazy Lixx! Once again The Mercury Riots and Twister took to the stage but this time to play original sets which had everyone in the rocking mood! I continued the night playing tracks from all over my library but I did have one personal highlight. I was playing Van Halen’s “Jump” while waiting for Crazy Lixx to finish setting up, everyone was dancing, singing, having a good ole time, then Front of House turned me off. A rumbling of boo’s erupted from the jiving crowd which made me laugh. I guess I was doing alright!

Friday was a blur, just spent most of the day drinking, laying in the sun, eating and more shots. I eventually got dressed and ventured out to see my friends Straight for the Sun, King Kraken and Black Tree Vultures perform but the night ended early due to another event happening at the venue. So what else did we have to so? Go drink some more of course! Headed over to The Ship Inn, sloshed a few shots and bungled over to CeeCee’s for some more!

Saturday was another lazy day with more of the same antics as the previous nights but to be honest, I was on my arse by this point. The past two years have drained my ability to keep going day after day and I was very jealous of the well seasoned veterans who just kept rolling on and on!

Sunday was my last full with the girls so we decided just to take it easy. We all went off and did our own things, I mainly laid out by the pool before getting ready for the chilled acoustic sets at Ibiza Rocks. I was doing one DJ set to kick the evening off just playing chilled summer rock tracks to get people into the mood. A few tracks I wanted to play sadly wasn’t in the library and my set was delayed due to technical issues but ah well, these things happen. Stevie and Jake from Twister were on first doing their duo acoustic jams which got everyone dancing and singing along. Meanwhile I’m off having shots and giggles with Char and Geoff in the booth. Afterwards it was Char’s turn to get everyone into the grunge Sunday funk session which was got quite a lot of people feeling rather nostalgic about the nineties. Another band was on afterwards and for the life of me I can’t remember their name, I feel so bad but I was off having fun. I bumped into almost everyone just trying to get to the door, it was a sweat box in there! Kevin, Angie, Jaine, Shaun, Claire, Caz, Tina… everyone buzzing around the bar like flies before eventually finding the door onto the beach front.

I took a few minutes just sat watching the sun set reflecting on a great week that I had definitely needed. I’ll be as honest to say, I don’t think I’ve had such a good time as Ibiza in a very long time… if ever. Recent personal issues had drained me physically, mentally and emotionally and with the end of my second year at university looming, I felt reflective.

I never claim to be perfect and sometimes I don’t put as much effort as I should into things, I also let my thoughts run away with me which can be damaging. But it was great to get away from it all and finally relax with friends, booze and music. The past couple of months I’d been smashing the gym and curbing my eating habits, apparently it paid off. Personally I wasn’t 100% satisfied with myself but as you all know, my brain is filled with carnival mirrors.

Overall I had an experience of finally being accepted and for the first time in almost a year (maybe even longer), I was happy and content. I want to do this all the time, I want to be happy, wearing my amazing wardrobe without people cursing me out with their words or eyes, having great friends around me, dancing until the sun comes down and going to bed as the sun came up. Just pure bliss, when can I did this again? I’m not sure, but hopefully not too long!

Sunset over Ibiza

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