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Here is a collection of what is happening in the world of singles, albums, tours, gigs and all that jazz in March!

In Our Blood, Redlight Kings – US rockers Redlight Kings have a new album dropping via AFM Records on 3rd March 2023. They released a music video for the gorgeous ballad “Heavy Heart” back in December. The video captures the beautiful tone of the song as well as the stunning views of Yosemite National Park in Northern California. The band began their amazing journey back in 2009 and have gone on to play thousands of shows across North America, Europe and the UK. They also had appearances on “Late Night with Conan O’Brien” and “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno”. You can pre-order the album now both on CD and Limited Edition Vinyl. Genre: Rock

Carcinogenesis, Viscera – On the 3rd March 2023, UK Power metal band Viscera have released a new album via Unique Leader Records. The band is inspired by the likes of Pantera, Meshuggah and Killswitch Engage to name a few. They’ve taken their influences and melted them together with modern tech death and deathcore creating their own unique flavour. Vocalist Jamie Graham comments on the album: Carcinogenesis has been a long time coming! There’s been a ton of changes since the release of [debut album] Obsidian in terms of both the band’s plans and how we’ve approached writing. Musically we’ve tried a few new things in terms of tempos and key.” and on the album’s concept, he continues: “Lyrically/thematically, this album continues on from Obsidian with Delilah’s soul reaping cover. This time the energy she has gathered feeds her tyrannical partner, who in turn uses the newly absorbed life force to corrupt all around him. Metaphorically it’s a statement of how humanity tends to feed of others only then to tear itself apart.” They have a video to accompany the single “Rats with Wings” over on YouTube so go and check that out while pre-ordering the album here. Genre: Power Metal

Wonderland, Seventh Crystal – Hailing from the home of Melodic rock, Sweden’s Seventh Crystal are back with their second album “Wonderland” coming to your ears on 10th March 2023. This follows on from their scorching debut album “Delirium” back in 2021 and are definitely taking it up a notch or two! If you love bands such as H.E.A.T, One Desire and Eclipse, then these guys are certainly a band for you to rock out too! Filled with catchy hooks, chiming choruses and enough high notes to break the atmosphere, Seventh Crystal are a band to look forward to this year. You can pre-order the album now and check out their title single “Wonderland” over on YouTube now! Genre: Melodic Rock

I Stand, Demons Down – A great band where the new kids on the rocking block team up with legendary veterans to bring you a whole new take of Hard Rock. Taking influences from late 80s and early 90s hard rock, Demons Down is a brilliant new signing to Frontiers Music Srl. Two up and coming musicians vocalist James Robledo (Sinner’s Blood) and guitarist Francesco Savino (False Memories) have teamed up with guitarist Jimi Bell (House of Lords, Autograph), drummer Ken Mary (ex-House of Lords, Alice Cooper, Fifth Angel, etc.), and bassist Chuck Wright (Quiet Riot, bass, ex-House of Lords, etc.) to bring you their debut album “I Stand”. It’s dropping on 10th March 2023 but you can pre-order it now and while you’re waiting, head over to YouTube to check out the amazing video! Genre: Hard Rock

Machine & Bone, The Banishment – Legendary guitarist George Lynch (Lynch Mob, End Machine, ex-Dokken) teamed up with programmer and multi-instrumentalist Joe Haze back in 2011 on a collab project and as from 2020, added  L.A. based artist/vocalist Devix Szell. The Banishment worked very hard to finally bring you their debut album, Machine and Bone coming out on 10th March 2023. The album features guest vocal appearances from Richard Patrick (Filter) and Tommy Victor (Prong), is a brooding, heavy industrial album with explosions of Lynch’s bluesy and psychotic guitar licks. You can pre-order your copy of the album right now! You can also pre-order the Limited Edition Black LP, which only has 100 copies and is released on 14th July 2023. Genre: Hard Rock

Blue Blood, Phantom Elite – If you’re after an international metal band that combines symphonic, progressive, and heavy metal all into one noisy little package, Phantom Elite is for you! At the helm is vocalist Marina La Torraca (Exit Eden, live vocalist for Avantasia) and she is joined by guitarist/bassist Max van Esch, drummer Joeri Warmerdam, and featuring production by former After Forever guitarist and producer Sander Gommans. Back in 2018, they released their debut album “Wasteland” and followed it up with a successful European tour adn then upon the release of their second album, “Titanium” in 2021, they showed the metal world, they were a force to be reckoned with. This thick slice of metal is dropping on 17th March 2023 and you can pre-order it now! Genre: Heavy, Symphonic, Progressive Metal

The Awakening, Kamelot – After five long years, titans of Symphonic Metal Kamelot are back with their heaviest, immersive and diverse album yet! Aptly named “The Awakening”, this album combines gothic, symphonic , progressive and power metal to give a feast to its most devoted fans. They’ve released two singles so far with “Opus of the Night” (Ghost Requiem) being the latest one, speaking of the latest, vocalist Tommy Karevic says, “The music of KAMELOT has always carried the message of hope, light and a feeling of resolution. This story is a prime example of that. ‘Opus of the Night’ honours the traditional dark and melodic sound of the band while bringing some new and exciting elements to the table.” The band announced a 20 date European tour starting 12th March in Switzerland (head to socials for all tour dates) and the album is available to you from 17th March 2023, pre-order it now so you don’t miss out! Genre: Gothic, Symphonic, Power Metal

Stormwarning, Stormwarming – A brand new South American melodic rock band with the stunning vocals of Santiago Ramonda at the core. After signing with Frontiers Music Srl, Santiago said, “I am very excited to be part of the Frontiers family! It really took me a lot of effort to get to this point. I come from a small place where the conditions for art are not the best, but the passion of being committed to a purpose can break all barriers and schemes,”. This is a stunning album of pure melodic rock and with have fans punching the air and singing their heart out. The album drops on 17th March 2023 but you can pre-order it now! You don’t want to miss this album! Genre: Melodic Rock

Exul, Ne Obliviscaris – Hailing from Australia, progressive extreme melodic metallers Ne Obliviscaris have an exciting new album coming 24th March 2023 with a highly anticipated worldwide tour celebrating the bands 20th anniversary. “Exul” is available to pre-order from Seasons of Mist Record label’s store, where you can purchase CD’s, Vinyl and much more merch! Keep an eye on the band’s social media accounts for tour news! You can watch the music video for their single “Equus” on YouTube, clocking in at just over 12 minutes, now! Genre: Progressive Metal, Melodic Metal, Extreme Metal


HRH Springbreak, Vauxhaull Holiday Park, Great Yarmouth – After being pushed back due to Covid, HRH Springbreak is finally here, 4 days/nights of some of the greatest bands in the world right now with headliners such as Swedish sleaze Kings Crashdiet, and merry metallers Reckless Love with HRH faves VEGA and Twister making an appearance and WildThorn, Slyder Smith and Enquire Within plus many more to fill your weekend. Check out HRH Springbreak for the latest news! Date: Wednesday 8th March – Sunday 12th March 2023.

Roadrage Festival, The Corporation, Sheffield – Watch some amazing bands in one huge festival, in a single day across 2 stages at Roadrage Festival! The doors are flung open from 1pm on Saturday 18th March and you get thrown into a great day rocking out and drinking with your friends! Tickets are on sale at just £40, but if you feeling extra, for an extra £20 you can hang out in the Whiskey VIP Lounge with South of Salem, The Treatment and Jack J Hutchinson! If you think that’s the kind of day you want, then hit the link to grab your tickets now! Limited numbers remaining! Date: Saturday 18th March 2023

There is so much more coming out and going on this month that I just can’t fit it all in! Check out everything, attend everything, let’s keep rock alive! Make sure you tune into my radio shows every week! “The HRH AOR Show” Tuesdays 1pm-3pm gmt on and “Whole Lotta Noize” Thursdays 11pm – 12am gmt on See you there GlamRatters!

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