Time to Pound

And not in a bad way. I have let myself go lately so I have been trying to get myself back into a healthy mindset (sort of working) but that also includes my body.

At the start of the year, I wrote about getting back into shape and how getting a Fitbit has helped me want to get into shape more. Well at least take care of myself. I have been attending the sweat clad industrial shed sparingly over the past two months but for genuine reasons.

I had the flu and then a huge flare up with my Degenerative Disks causing a lot of nerve pain in my legs, yes I spoke to the doctors and all they say is “take ibuprofen”… doesn’t work. Also had a lot of university work, part one of my Dissertation which was exhausting me mentally and all I wanted to do was sleep.

Body goals in Ibiza last year

I came out of the other side (part 2 of my Dissertation is lurking on the horizon, trying not to think about it too much) and I looked at myself in the mirror. I hate what I saw. This time last year I was 3 weeks away from going to Ibiza and my body is drastically different. Nowhere near as toned, slim or beautiful. I’ve gone to shit!

I made myself get out of bed, take the dogs for more walks and hell, I’m paying £22 a month for the gym that I literally walk my lazy arse past everyday… I need to go back in and I did. I forgot how much better I feel after working out (besides my body aching but that’s a different level) and knowing the results I can achieve, just makes me want to do it more…within a certain degree.

Let’s be clear, I am not a fitness buff so why my previous post has gained so much love has been beyond my comprehension. I am very thankful though.

While scrolling through my gym app, I saw that Pound was added to the fitness class list and after seeing it popping up on my socials (like a creepy mind worm) I thought let’s give it a go.

Pound is a 45 minute cardio gym class that incorporates drum sticks into the movements. Perfect! I get to work out, use drumsticks and hit the floor or myself depending how far my fat arse and legs can squat to the floor. On the website my gym isn’t listed on there but you can find your nearest class and take part. Unleash your inner rock star is a great tagline… sadly at my gym the playlist was Pink (who I do like), Harry Styles, Little Mix and other random artists that the kids of today would love. I can live with that part, not everyone likes the pounding drums of rock n roll.

The drumsticks are called “Ripstix” and they add an extra 1/4 lb of weight which causes a slight imbalance in your body making you work harder especially in your core. They are still lightweight and with each hit you are incorporating your arms, back and shoulders.

It can be at times very intense and you can really feel your muscles working or at least I could. My hamstrings were so tight but that is from an injury that never healed properly. It got to a point where my legs were shaking which is really weird. It’s not just a leg workout as you do some core work on the floor too which changed the pace and made my body work even harder. One song we did a workout to was Papa Roach’s “Last Resort”, I thought perfect… except the hits of the sticks was not always on the snare or even on the kick which to me felt out of time. I’m not saying my timing is perfect because it sure as hell isn’t, but at times I just had to hit my own rhythm which still worked out.

I will say, if your hand and leg co-ordination isn’t very good, you might find it difficult but on the other hand, you can do your own thing as it’s not a strict workout regime. You can do everything up high or down low, whichever your body can take. To start with, I was dropping low and felt the intensity towards the end my body was caving in. Not that I needed it confirming, but I can’t do what I used to do, mother nature has ensured that!

My body was aching straight away so balls to doing any more gym work. I stupidly thought that I would still do some weights and core work but bitch nah… give me a hot shower and my bed. I actually struggled to walk home in the rain. I was trying to powerwalk as quick as possible but my thighs had other ideas then adding the wind and the rain to my troubles, to finally lay down was a god send.

The morning after… pure torture! I stretched and thought hey, not too bad. Once I turned my legs out of my bed and tried going downstairs, I immediately turned to stone. My arse, thighs and lower back were pure cement. I’ve not ached and burned like that in a long time. I spent the whole day walking around like John Wayne with cramp.

Across 40 minutes I burned off 212 calories according to my Fitbit, but with Pound being a high intensity cardio workout, you continue to burn calories after the session which is also a win win in my eyes.

The overall experience was fun and I would totally recommend trying to get to a class. It’s not to be taken too seriously and is a great stress reliever after a long day BUT, if you have a long day or planning on doing anything at all the next day… best leave it for a day when you can turn into stone for a couple of days and no one will care.

If you’re not confident enough to go to a class, why not try a quick workout at home to see if it’s for you? Click the link below and give it a try!

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