This Unfit B**** Got Herself A Fitbit

And I’m not talking about a man!

I write every year that I need to get myself in shape, stop myself from being lazy, make myself happier, healthier and feeling overall better about myself. Over the past 15 months, I’ve been trying on and off, and I did make some progress. It all started with a small device.

Like a lot of people, I had a gym membership that I wasn’t abusing at all. It was just another £20 falling out of my bank account and not really make itself count. So with HRH Roadtrip (Ibiza) looming on the horizon, I thought I may as well make use of it. I would log my exercises on my Samsung Health app on my phone but it was never consistent. Missing out steps because I didn’t have my phone on me or a smart watch. After umming and ahring for weeks I looked into getting a Fitbit watch. I wanted a device that I could easily switch between devices (I’m was upgrading from an Android to Apple).

Another thing that put me off getting one was the price, if I wasn’t going to use it then it would be a glorified piece of useless money, keeping my loose foreign coins company in the bottom of my bedside drawer. Some of the watches looked massive and I only have tiny wrists, my waist may be podgy and my arse jiggly but my wrists and ankles have always stayed skinny. Eventually after doing extensive (maybe not to that extent) research and reading reviews I purchased the FitBit Luxe. I became obsessed with it straight away!

I was logging anything and everything that I was doing and how it kept me in line was brilliant. It adjusted my calories according to my goal, how much I had worked off and my favourite thing was the Sleep monitor. It was interesting to see how shit my sleep pattern actually was/is. Heart rate monitor was pretty cool too, and it actually showed me how unfit and how easily my heart rate went up. So I am totally one unfit bitch.

One bad thing about my beautiful little fitness buddy, is I’m allergic to it… no that isn’t a joke. I’m allergic to my fitness watch! I did some research and found out that sports watches use an ingredient Elastomer which contains Rosin. I am allergic to Rosin. It’s such a stupid allergy but it’s the only one that I have. I have to swap arms every couple of weeks, getting a new wristband is on my to do list. This hasn’t stopped me from wearing. If anything I became a bit addicted to wearing it and rarely taking it off.

I did manage to reach my goal for HRH Ibiza, I was really happy how my body turned out. I felt so much happier about it, but I’m not going to lie, stress played a major part in it too which was massively unhealthy. I did start an unhealthy relationship with myself and the Fitbit. I was logging it all to a point where I even logged in my alcoholic drinks, and that was going a step too far. I slowed down over the summer and tried not to be obsessed with the app. I did keep going to the gym and taking vitamins to keep myself in check but fell into my mental black hole and didn’t want to do anything.

I stopped going to the gym, I stopped looking after myself and yeah, just became a bit of a mess. I am a mess. I tried before Christmas with a fresh outlook and everything like that but it was difficult. For a little while, I had to put myself aside and do my duty as a friend. I haven’t got back into the swing of the gym and being healthy (weather doesn’t help), but I have continued to use my Fitbit. I can feel myself letting go and I shouldn’t allow myself to.

I am going back to the gym, I’m attending classes to get myself a head start and learning new things. I enjoy the feeling after being at the gym and I know that results are possible. Hopefully with the night’s getting lighter and the days getting warmer, I will start feeling better.

Maybe I won’t be an unfit bitch with a Fitbit after all?

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A rock n roll girl just going through life with a not so rock n roll budget or lifestyle

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