So Believe Me, It’s Not Easy – Sum41 Announce Break Up!

Via social media, a band of many a kids youth have announced they are splitting up! Pop Punk rockers Sum 41 are calling it quits after being together for 27 years! It’s sad to see them go but they will complete their run of 2023 shows before leaving for good!

The band announced the split just an hour ago on their Instagram page stating

“Being in Sum 41 since 1996 brought us some of the best moments of our lives. We are forever grateful to our fans both old and new, who have supported us in every way. It is hard to articulate the love and respect we have for all of you and we wanted you to hear this from us first.”

They continued to break our teenage hearts, “Sum41 will be disbanding. We will still be finishing all of our current upcoming dates this year, and we’re looking forward to releasing our final album “Heaven :x: Hell” along with a final worldwide headlining tour to celebrate. Details will be announced as soon as we have them.”

To finish off the statement, the band said “For now, we look forward to seeing all of you skumfuks on the road and are excited for what the future will bring for each of us. Thank you for the last 27 years of Sum 41.”

Sum 41 was a band that most of us had on our MP3 players, caused many viruses on our desktops from Limewire and was a staple at most house parties. Sum 41 gave us great hits such as “In Too Deep”, “Motivation” (which featured on Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock) and my favourite “Fat Lip”, all of which came from their hugely successful album “All Killer, No Filler” in 2001. Sum 41 also became known as the band that married Avril Lavigne. Singer Deryck Whibley¬†married the fellow Canadian rock singer in 2006 but divorced in 2010 (she subsequently went on to marry another Canadian rocker, Chad Kroeger of Nickelback which ended in 2015).

All of the best luck to them in the future and thank you for giving us great memories in our formative teenage years!

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