You’re Not Disturbed, Just Swipe Right!

Disturbed frontman David Draiman is seeking ladies to swipe right! After 11 years of marriage, David and (soon to be former) wife Lena Draiman called it quits but an eagled eyed fan spotted David’s profile thinking it was a fake.

Eagle eyed fan spots this profile

Instead of giving everyone the sound of silence, David was quick to reply, “Not fake lol. It’s me.” Fans have been rather supportive of David and his new venture into the often peculiar world of internet dating apps. It is definitely a land of confusion!

Of course there was a few people being arseholes but that is always the case.

“David Draiman can’t get laid” in which a rather swift reply followed “I can get laid anytime I want if I’m willing to drop my standards, but my standards are quite high, and I won’t dishonour myself that way. Looking for the RIGHT woman, not just ANY woman. Oh and BTW? You’re a dick” Well said sir!

Things happen in love and life, sometimes things just don’t work out. But he is back inside the fire and is out there searching for the right woman. He’s not my cup of tea (as you all know, I love my long haired men) but could you be his mistress?

Disturbed have an extensive tour across the same with dates at festivals including the now sold out Download Festival. Check out for all tour dates here.

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